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Environmental Policy

At CMC we are aware of the current environmental problems and, as supporters of sustainable development, we consider prevention, protection and conservation of the environment a priority. For this, we have acquired a serious commitment focused on the establishment of an adequate environmental management that allows us to identify, control at all times and minimize the impact on the environment of our technology consulting and outsourcing activities.

This commitment is materialized in this Environmental Policy, which establishes the following guidelines and general principles:

  • Develop and implement environmental management procedures which allow us to continuously reduce the impact of our activity on the environment through the prevention, reduction and adequate management of our environmental aspects and the efficient use of resources.
  • Establish procedures for the periodic review of compliance with the environmental policy, as well as for the application of corrective measures in the event of detected non-compliance.
  • Ensure compliance with the legal requirements, specifications and applicable standards, as well as other requirements that our organization subscribes.
  • Progressively establish objectives focused on the prevention of pollution, not only to reduce the impacts produced, carrying out a continuous improvement in the environmental behavior of our organization.
  • Promote the environmental awareness of all personnel and involve them in the environmental actions carried out by communicating the environmental policy and objectives, the appropriate training and the development of environmental awareness programs.
  • Disseminate the commitment to improvement and protection of CMC’s environment among our suppliers, subcontractors, customers and the general public.

CMC Management voluntarily assumes the responsibility to make this Policy a reality and effectively supports the participation of all personnel. For this, it is committed to direct and motivate its employees to achieve the objectives proposed in the Environmental Management System.


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