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Digital Business Solutions

We transform your business to compete in the digital environment.

Digital Business Solutions

We transform your business to compete in the digital environment.


We accompany our clients by aligning, defining, adopting and executing dynamic strategies to establish a cultural base that accepts a more complex transformation.

Our results driven methodology (Game Changer Ecosystem) provides organizations with the ideal framework to excel in an environment that increases market participation, improves customer satisfaction, increases leadership skills, retains talent, improves business productivity and accelerates the speed of commercialization.


value in organizations.


to customer satisfaction.


to be more competitive.


and optimization of resources.


compliance with rules and regulations.


is to improve your income statement.

Why CMC?

WE DIGITALIZE business processes of the customer’s life cycle.

OWN PLATFORMS: “O2.Digital” y “DKS-EAP”.

WE DEVELOP solutions around O2 Digital, DKS EAP and other market platforms.

WE SHARE digital transformation projects with the client and accompany you in the business.

WE ARE FLEXIBLE to adapt to the interests of the client:

  • In the use model of the solutions (“On-Premise” and “SaaS on Cloud”).
  • In pricing (“we unify solution, technology and services”).
  • In the financial model (“CAPEX” y “OPEX”).
  • In the operation.

Own technology

O2 Digital Platform

Platform for notification, identification, authentication, exchange, signing and preservation of electronic documentation in a centralized, secure and in accordance with current legal regulations.

DKS EAP Portal

Analytical Business Portal that combines all the analytical functionalities you need to improve your business intuitively in a single screen.

We digitalize the life cycle of the client

We participate in the execution of projects in the field of digital transformation of business processes related to the life cycle of the client and we have our own and third-party solutions.





Identification and acquisition of customers in physical spaces

In physical spaces where there is a large influx of public, it is possible to identify and attract customers through the identification of the MAC of mobile phones. This allows you to know the movements and positions of people in physical locations.

  • Telemetry through Wifi and Bluetooh.
  • Social Login through RRSS (Facebock and LinkedIn).
  • Marketing one to one: customer segmentation according to behavior.


Closing of operations by certified SMS

Revision and remote formalization of sales operations of products and services carried out in Call Center Platforms.

From the customer’s mobile phone with acceptance by certified SMS.

  • Operations traceability.
  • Evidence collection.
  • Immediate response from the client.
  • Legal and evidentiary validity.


Electronic signature of remote documentation

It facilitate on-line signature to companies and clients and without physical presence of business documentation.

It admits all types of electronic signature contemplated in the Law: Simple Signature with OTP to the mobile; Advanced Signature with electronic certificate and Recognized Signature with e-ID.

  • Parametrizable according to business operation.
  • Multi-signer signatures.
  • Easy to use.
  • Immediate closing of operations.
  • Full legal validity.


Digital On Boarding of Clients

Currently, the digital channel has become one of the main channels of information and attraction of new customers and sale of new products and services.

The solution allows online customers to be captured without the need for physical presence in offices, through a reliable identification of the person who will hire the services, complying with the legal requirements established by the Law and the SEPBLAC.

  • Allows assisted or unassisted identification.
  • Parametrizable according to business operation.
  • ID Validation.
  • Facial and vocal biometrics.
  • Multi-organization and multilanguage.
  • Legal security, complies with SEPBLAC regulations.
  • Easily Integrable through APIS.


Multi-channel appointment management

Manage customer service in a 360º and onmicanal way.

The solution allows customers to program their contacts with the company autonomously by choosing the channel for which they wish to be served (physical presence, call center, visits, social networks), making use of business rules to prioritize both certain groups of users as certain problems to give the adequate service to the demand of clients.

  • Waiting times reduction.
  • Customer experience improvement.
  • Improvement in the management of resources.
  • Measure the quality of customer service.
  • Complete customer information through all channels.
  • Greater use of physical spaces.


Certified Digitalization of Invoices

Manage invoices in an efficient way, eliminating paper and improving the management of work processes.

Spanish tax regulations allows the elimination of paper support for invoices through an approved certified digitalization process.

  • Elimination of paper.
  • Fraud reduction.
  • Reduce the cycles of approval processes.
  • Reduction of management times.


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