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Web Analytics

Web analytics solutions monetize your website by providing information about your users and their behaviors and allow you to define the best strategies to maximize the return on your investment in the network.



Definition and implementation of metrics of your web page with which a detailed follow-up is made of the users who visit it, their interests and their behaviors.


Traffic analysis and conversion

The visitor traffic analysis identifies both the origin and destination of the visits and determines the user’s browsing patterns through the different pages of the site. The conversion analyzes visits that have acted as expected and detects labeling errors.


Content optimization

Analysis of the content of your website to identify which ones have the greatest potential and which should be improved to achieve the objectives set.


Combined dashboards

We incorporate the data from the network with the data from the company’s databases to allow visualizing all the information in an integrated manner.


SEM optimization

We analyze the keywords that lead to your page and those that lead to a higher conversion rate to develop an investment plan in sponsored ads that maximizes the return.


Recommendation systems

We develop systems for recommending products or services on your website based on the customer’s browsing and purchasing information, looking for the most susceptible products to be purchased by a client who visits the web.

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