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Marketing Analytics

Our Marketing Analytics solutions optimize your marketing actions to achieve the maximum return of each of the strategic lines adopted.



Algorithms based on spatial variables that integrate internal information of the company with external market data. It allows analyzing the situation of your business through the exact location of customers, points of sale, competition … It provides information in detail incorporating the geographical variable to optimize marketing actions.



It is the detection technique of complementary products to increase customer demand. Thanks to consumers’ behavior, the underlying relationships that identify other products to be recommended are identified in order to increase their purchase level.



Analysis that allows revenue to be increased through the offer of more advanced or sophisticated products or services that provide greater value to the client. Identify the right products or services to make an up-selling and apply them in a timely manner.



Technique based on the analysis of customer behavior to establish loyalty actions. Identify clients in danger of abandonment and the most effective techniques to retain them.


Business opportunities

By studying all the variables collected from different clients, the different relationships between them are studied to detect possible market niches or business opportunities.


Competitive Observatory

It allows to know the assortments and characteristics of the products that are selling the different webs of electronic commerce. Allowing to adjust the offer and offer a better price for customers to buy only on our website and attract those of the competition.

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