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Advanced Customer Intelligence

Business solutions for maximum customer knowledge: segmentation, life cycle, acquisition, propensity to purchase products, retention and leakage prevention.



Definition of your business’ key indicators, with which you can interact to understand what is happening in your company and how they affect and affect certain areas in others.


Automatic customer segmentation

It consists of automatically dividing clients into groups or segments based on the similarity between them. Depending on the objective pursued, we will group clients based on demographic, behavioral or value variables.


Analysis of the shopping basket

It allows to determine the relationships between the purchases of different products and to define if the acquisition of one of them determines and entails the purchase of another. Analyze all the possible combinations and highlight the most relevant for the business.


Customer life cycle

Analyze at which point of the life cycle the client is: recruitment, linking, optimization and retention, in order to be able to focus different strategies for each of the groups. It allows predicting the future behavior of buyers through the search for common patterns in their behavior.


Strategic segmentation of RFM clients

Segmentation based on the value of the client, determining which of them are the most important for your company taking into account your latest purchases and the frequency and monetary value of these.


Deserters and abandonment routes

Analysis of the deserters to determine their behavior before disassociating with the company and thus anticipate actions to retain them. Identifies the actions carried out by clients before they leave the company and, therefore, allows predicting which will be the next to abandon it.

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